Oh, Care Bears . . . You’re Killing Me!

In a funny but kind of sad way of killing, of course! Why the theme song from the 1985 movie that Matthew has watched twice in the past two days alone makes me want to jab sharp foreign objects in my ears in an effort to stop the pain. I’m sure I’ll still be up at 1 am with the words “Care-A-Lot is a place we want to go . . . Care-A-Lot . . .” running continuously through my head. (Last night, it was a song from a 1975 horror/musical/comedy that I won’t name, because my parents would be very disappointed in me if they knew I saw that movie – if they even know what it is. But it is a huge cult classic that used to play at midnight at the movie theater. If you know what I’m talking about, then you were naughty, too, weren’t you? I was young when I saw it – I didn’t see it in 1975, mind you.) Anyway, back to Care Bears.

Oh, Care Bears . . . why do you have to be so gender biased? Does Jenny have to be a nurse because she likes to take care of people? Couldn’t you suggest other jobs, too? How about a doctor? A dentist? President? Lord knows we need one that likes to take care of people. And little Jimmy has to be a fighter pilot because he’s courageous? How about a teacher – they are certainly courageous to face kids everyday and shape the future. I will keep in mind that the movie was made in 1985 and the Cold War was in its twilight years and the term “politically correct” probably hadn’t been coined yet, but I’m sure little Jimmy would be courageous in other jobs as well.

Anyway, Care Bears, I’m going to let this one pass, because mysteriously, your movie won’t be found tomorrow. Just like the really loud, annoying toys suddenly “die” around here. I think our house is placed right over a mysterious area I call the St. Louis Triangle – suddenly electronics don’t work like they’re supposed to or some things “disappear” without a trace.  I really don’t know how that happened to the movie, Care Bears, because after all, I’m a girl and so not technologically inclined. Now if I can just get that irritating song out of my head . . .


3 Responses

  1. This blog is hysterically funny…my officemate and I love it. I think I will avoid the Carebear movie for my 2-yr old!

  2. That movie- Ask your husband about that one, with Kenny and Mickey- along w/ ME- who was scared to death at Midnight in an Atlanta theater, watching a movie I most decidedly NEVER will watch again~There were a few times during college that I really just did not trust those two…that night comes to mind most foremost! There were a couple other times that I wanted to throttle those two, but, I survived, and made it through, and I’m a better person for having spent time with them both : ) (Seriously, I really do mean that part!)

  3. Yes, I know I was redundant, repeating myself for redundant emphasis!

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