Blog Changes

I’m continually tweaking the blog to make it more user friendly. So if you’re looking for Archives, I’ve moved them from the sidebar to a page link at the top because it was becoming a pain to scroll down 5 miles to the sitemeter and search widgets. Okay, I’m lazy, but I think it lightens up the sidebar a little bit.

Yes, I know, I changed the presentation of the blog again. But change is good and everyone should try it once in a while. From time to time, I like to shake things up a bit: chop off my hair, paint a room a different color, move furniture around, move across the country. The blog is just another way for me to satisfy my need to change things without spending money or making Chris move heavy things. I think he’ll be appreciative of that.

Let me know if you have any problems/comments on the pages!


One Response

  1. I like the new format. You are obviously leaps and bounds ahead of my computer knowledge.
    *This is funny – you know how we read alot of words as “sight words”? Well every time you mention your dog’s name, I read it as “Bikini”. Every time. I don’t know why – maybe my unusual talent of switching numbers around has also spread to the alphabet. The first time I did it, I just laughed that you had a dog named Bikini. I don’t know when I realized that her name was really Binki.

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