The Evolution of Anxiety Dreams, Part 2

I’ve blogged about anxiety dreams before. If you want a Freudian glimpse into my psyche you can read about them here. Anyway, the old anxiety dreams are back and for some reason, I’m back in high school. Except that I’m 34 years old and back in high school. And evidently married, as Chris and I had to ride the school bus, which was late to school (of course) and I couldn’t find my photography class. (I’ve never taken a photography class, so I have no idea where that came from.) My locker is full of broken cameras. The classes are held in the upstairs classrooms at my childhood church/elementary school. However, I am wearing a cute skirt and blouse outfit with pearls.

So I guess I’m having some more anxiety dreams, but I always seem to know it’s just a dream, even if I am concerned about flunking photography. I can tell myself that it’s okay to flunk photography because this is not real. Which leaves me to wonder: if I know that I’m dreaming, what’s the point in the anxiety dream in the first place? Am I subconsciously punishing myself with a stress-inducing dream? Or am I taking control of the situation by telling myself it’s all a dream? And what about the cute outfit? What would Dr. Freud say? He’d say that I’m repressed. Or hysterical. Or probably both.


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