Happy Birthday Chris! P.S.: I’m the Scrabble Champion!

Today is Chris’s 30-something birthday – climbing ever closer to the big 4 – 0, I like to remind him. I better be careful, though, because even though he’ll reach the big 4 – 0 before me, he will have a few years to plan his payback. And we all know what paybacks are. That’s right: bad. So happy birthday, dear! The boys and I love you very much, but Binki remains undecided.

We spent yesterday with Chris’s mom and her husband, eating red velvet cake and playing Wii bowling. I did improve my score. However, I am still the worst fake bowler in the family. I always hook it to the left. So much so that Matthew’s new phrase is “you hooked it again.”

After they left, Brandon, Chris and I played a game of Scrabble – and yours truly won. In truth though, Chris had more points but I played all my tiles and he was stuck holding the Q, which lowered his score enough for me to squeak by and win! We hope that Scrabble will help Brandon with his spelling, but he’s prone to making up words like “bowt” and “rezap” and trying to sneak them past us. This is not unusual for Brandon because at an early age he made up his own rules to games. And they were never the same. So rock, paper, scissors often became: rock, paper, scissors, bomb, sword, slingshot, biological warfare or some variation of weapons of mass destruction. We have to pay attention or we’ll end up with “clqgikyz” on the board: good for points, yes, but not a word. Yet.


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