Where’s My $1 Million, Jeff Foxworthy?

Brandon bought the DVD game “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” today and we had a little competition this afternoon. In the end, I think Jeff Foxworthy owes us around $2 million, as both Chris and I reached the $1 million question. However, it was not without some help – I forgot some facts about the French and Indian War and Chris was thrown by the names of Robin Hood’s Merry Men.  I am not especially talented in the scientific department, so Brandon helped me out there. Of course, Matthew gave his two cents, but that ultimately proved unhelpful.

I’m in the process of making a crawfish etouffee for Chris – his birthday is Monday and his mom is coming tomorrow with red velvet cake (another of his favorites). Etouffee is always better the second day, so I’m cooking tonight for lunch tomorrow. Chris grew up with Cajun food so over the years I’ve learned to make gumbo and etouffee. Yum!

It is a little difficult to get crawfish in St. Louis. I first went to a local supermarket, but they only had the whole, steamed crawfish. I was not excited about cleaning them but I bought just a few in case I couldn’t find them anywhere else. Luckily, a butcher shop nearby had the tails – already cleaned. I put the steamed crawfish in the refrigerator (in a clear bag). A little while later, Matthew was surveying the contents of the refrigerator and saw the crawfish. He yelled, “Mom! Crabs!” as if crabs had invaded the fridge. He slammed the refrigerator door and will not go near it now. I didn’t intend to scare him – but it was funny.


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  1. I can only imagine Brandon (mine) opening the fridge and running away in horror! Yummy, gumbo and cajun food!

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