Black Throat: Judgement Day

Antibiotics are now coursing through Matthew’s bloodstream, on the way to fight off the black froat. His doctor diagnosed strep throat; no surprise there as his throat looked horrible – she said he won the award for ugliest throat today. He looked very proud to have accomplished such an honor.

He also listened very intently to what the nurse and doctor said. The nurse told him she was going to do three things: listen to his heart, take his temperature and tickle the back of his throat. Little did she know that Matthew is extremely regimented/literal and she had just locked herself into doing only three things. Not two. Not four. Three. So if she wanted to do something else, say, weigh him, he would have had a problem with that and she would have to explain herself. Why did you tell him three things if you were going to do four? In Matthew’s world, there’s little room for flexibility. We’re going to have to work on that. After the nurse left, Matthew discussed the three things, just to be sure she had done them all.

One relatively painless trip to Walgreens and a plastic figurine of Orlando Bloom/Will Turner of Pirates of the Caribbean later, we now have antibiotics. Yay! However, Matthew will be contagious until 24 hours after his first dose of medicine, so he will not be able to attend Brandon’s 5th grade musical tonight. Brandon is “invisibility” in this production and hasn’t quite been able to explain his role to us. He doesn’t sing and has no lines, but then again, that would not be in character for “invisibility.” So I guess we’ll see tonight what “invisibility” does in the 5th grade musical extravaganza.


One Response

  1. Bless him – it really stinks to have strep! I heard on the weather that you guys might see snow on Thanksgiving… but you will be in FL, right?

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