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Black Throat: The Reckoning

Matt’s still sick; fever, sore throat, general crankiness and crying. I picked up the phone today to call his doctor and he had an immediate nervous breakdown followed by frantic pleading not to go to the doctor. (Last time he went to the doctor, he had some shots.) We had some negotiations and if he’s not better by the morning, we’ll go to the doctor. I realize I shouldn’t be letting a 4 year old make his own health decisions, but with only a few hours sleep the past couple of nights, I’m not at the top of my parenting-game. Which is probably why he had a chocolate shake for lunch. And so far my plans for dinner include water and blue jello.

In other news, I’ve nearly completed the painting project in the media room. Painting one wall ‘cranberry’ took a lot more time than I had anticipated as darker paint requires more coats to look even. I also had to do some stereo wiring (I’m an electrician!) and some installation of wire covers (I’m a carpenter, too!).  It’s going to look so good!


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