Written in the Stars

This is my horoscope from yesterday, according to MSN.com’s website. My comments are in parentheses. Oh, and I’m an Aries, if that makes any difference:

 Despite the fact that you are full of energy (no, not really) and bursting with eagerness right now, today is not a green light kind of day (so are the stars saying I should go back to bed? ‘Cause I totally will do that.). Forward movement is not advised (then should I avoid all movement and go back to bed?). With so many facts still unknown, this is not a good time for any major action (like getting out of bed or getting dressed). It’s fine to go forward with any travel plans (from the bed to the computer to the refrigerator, right?), but do not sign any legal documents or invest any large sums of money in anything (is $2.38 a large sum of money?). Ride things out for a few more days (alrighty, then). Taking a chance is not the best way to get what you want — patience is.



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