Moon Pie! Moon Pie!

I’m sitting here eating a moon pie. I haven’t had a moon pie in, oh I don’t know, 20 years or so. They are just like I remember – and the same size, too. I swear Chips Ahoy cookies have gotten smaller over the years. It’s a conspiracy.

We procured said moon pies in Illinois, where we spent the weekend with Chris’s mom and her husband. They so graciously invited us to spend last night and today with them and we had a great time touring central Illinois. We ate at a wonderful restaurant in Mt. Vernon – the bread – it was incredible! We went to a park and let the kids play on the playground. I think it was the first time they’ve played on an old-fashioned merry-go-round, mainly because the schools don’t use them anymore – too dangerous, too many lawsuits. But we let the kids play on them anyway and they had a lot of fun.

Brandon has been trying to negotiate either staying up an hour later or waking up at 2:00 am to witness the time change. We keep telling him that there’s nothing special about 2:00 am and we’ll set the clocks back before we go to bed. I most likely will let him stay up an hour later, because I don’t want the kids waking up an hour early – one of the hazards of having young children when you can get an extra hours’ sleep – they don’t have the concept of ‘sleeping late.’


2 Responses

  1. I love the merry go rounds! We went to the Green Cove Park yesterday, the one where the Chilli supper used to be held. We were taking pictures with Grant. I was excited because I remembered the merry go round and wanted to ride on it myself. They had torn down the old playground and put up a new one…without the merry go round. Needless to day I was dissappointed!

  2. I bought a whole box of Moon Pies at Cracker Barrel back in the summer. They were just like the one’s we used to get when I was a kid.


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