Heavenly Architecture

Matthew has an eye for beauty. I mean, what other 4 year old thinks his outfit is incomplete without a belt? And a vest? He often comments on things that catch his eye – people, animals, clothes, trees, flowers, you name it, if he likes it, he’ll tell you.

So the other day, we were in the car and we passed by a funeral home. Not just any funeral home, but a HUGE funeral home fashioned after the style of Greek architecture. White marble, columns, on top of a hill, big . . . you get the idea. And of course, it’s surrounded by a large grassy graveyard. Matthew says:

“Mama, look over there. I want to go there!”

“We can’t go there right now.” (I don’t know why I put a time frame on it, like we were going to go tomorrow or next week or something, but I did.)

“Why can’t we go there?”

“Well, (pause for a second while debating if I want to get into a deep discussion with a four year old about death and dying – then say the wrong thing:) it’s a place for dead people.”

“THAT’S heaven?”


2 Responses

  1. I love it!!!

  2. Too cute!

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