Tuesday Complaints

It’s headlines like this that make me so disheartened about the future:

Ex-Merrill Lynch CEO to walk out with $161.5M

The guy is retiring – with $161.5 million. Could be more, if Merrill Lynch’s profit goes up. Oh, he also gets an office and an assistant for the next three years. I guess to schedule . . . what? He’s retiring. He’s probably going to fly around the world to speak to elite CEO’s and CFO’s on how to earn waaaaaaay more than you’re worth and retire with a ridiculous amount of money. It just seems indicative of greed in our society and government.

Now, I’m not against making money or even being rich. Maybe the guy is a philanthropist. I hope so. Think of the good someone could do with even a fraction of that money.

Any more complaints? Let’s see . . . health care for kids should not have been vetoed . . . FEMA’s boneheaded “press conference” . . . cost of health insurance and health care . . . Halloween candy makes my kids super hyper . . . Blackwater. That should do it. I feel better now.


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