I Want To Remember This . . .

Matthew and I are watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon circa 1953 (hey, I’m unemployed – there’s only so much job searching one can do in one day) – and Matthew is laughing. Big, deep belly laughs. He thinks this is hilarious.

Oh, and Tom is building a mouse trap to catch Jerry (of course) – Matthew commented, “That would be a bad day for Jerry.”


2 Responses

  1. Kids cartoons these days just aren’t the same. I didn’t realize that they had changed until we had Grant. Why can’t Mickey Mouse just be Mickey Mouse playing around with Donald, Goofey, and Pluto? Everything is about education. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that, but why can’t cartoons just be funny? We all turned out ok.

  2. You know what cartoon I miss the most? The Flintstones! I don’t even know why they make the character vitamins anymore, because today’s kids have no idea who they are…

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