I started knitting this weekend. Well, attempting to knit. I bought some knitting looms (I know, it’s cheating) and so far have made Matthew a hat and scarf and made Chris a hat. I’m working on a second scarf. Since it gets really cold here we can certainly use the extra hats and scarves. Brandon put in an order for a green hat/scarf set.

I’ve never actually knitted before, so this is a novel experience for me. It’s actually pretty cool. I need a lot more practice though. I saw some cute patterns for sweaters and baby things (for my soon-to-be nephew in Florida and niece in Texas – yes, Chris’s family is finally getting the long awaited girl!) But I don’t know if my knitting prowess will be improved enough before the new additions.

Anyway, other than that, we’ve had a pretty quiet weekend. I took the boys to Grant’s Farm yesterday for the first time since we’ve been here – it was very cool! Totally worth going again – especially since the admission’s free and you only pay $8 to park. That’s one of the best things about St. Louis – lots of family stuff to do – and A LOT of it is free (Zoo, Grant’s Farm, Museums, Science Center – all free). Of course, you pay lots of money for food once you get in there, but all in all, I spent $35 on parking, lunch and snowcones for the three of us. Not bad for an afternoon’s entertainment. And they had goats!


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  1. I too have knitted with a loom. I got real “crafty” and made Grant a couple of hats last year. I made one that was brown. We would laugh everytime Grant wore it because it looked like Cabbage Patch hair! Check out on old post on my blog and you’ll see for yourself. (Tuesday, January 2, 2007–Jumperoo)

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