Weekend Update

Friday night: Cardinals game. Terribly expensive. Baseball is no longer a “family event” if you have to spend $250 for four tickets and food. But the ballpark is nice . . . (Calories consumed at Cardinals game: 5,000, 90% of which were fat calories.)

Saturday: Shopping – I took everyone to my secret shopping mecca two miles down the road . . . Old Navy, Home Depot, Borders, Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond . . . Chris was excited about Fuddruckers (“The World’s Greatest Hamburger”). We ate lunch there and Brandon declared that he would be taking his future children to Fuddruckers – “it’s that good.” I think he was just overly impressed with the hamburger ‘fixins’ bar and the free cookie at the end.

We also had Chris’ mom over to celebrate Brandon’s birthday – they played Brandon’s new Wii while I grabbed some PF Changs take out for dinner. (Calories consumed Saturday: approaching 10,000)

Sunday: After church, I spent the afternoon painting the guest room, touching up some places in the hallway and doing general cleaning. (Calories burned: I hope a lot.)

All in all, not too exciting. However, all the laundry’s done, which is a feat in itself. For some reason, Matthew had run out of underwear – I know he’s got more somewhere; I think he’s hidden some of it. Last week, he packed a suitcase for Florida (we have no current plans to go – he just wanted to be prepared) and I found a lot of clothes, toys and food in the suitcase. Needless to say, he was prepared for several days of travel.


3 Responses

  1. I hope he was packing his swim suit. The pool should be in by the time he gets here.


  2. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Tell Chris next time he makes it to Jacksonville I have a burger place he’s GOT to try. It’s Five Guys Burgers and Fries. It is the best I have had! I think he’ll like it!

  3. I’m so-o-o excited Matthew misses us — or, at least, I guess that’s why he wants to come to Florida! Tell him we’ll see him in a few days.


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