Since Brandon has homework and Matthew’s new favorite past-time is to pester the heck out of him while he’s trying to concentrate, I’ve purchased a pre-school curriculum book for Matthew to do “homework” while Brandon is studying.

Tonight, it worked like a charm. In fact, Matthew is downstairs right now in his bed, looking through the pages of his new homework book. I bought him his own crayons and pencils so he can complete his “homework.” Brandon has kind of enjoyed helping Matthew with the directions and instructing him on the finer points of holding his pencil right. (I think Matthew’s going to be left handed, like his Dad.) Brandon also graded Matthew’s work – he got “A’s” for his coloring tonight.

I hope the newness doesn’t wear off too soon. Matthew can already write his name – but it often looks like “ttam” or “hatt” or “tttt” or some other variation. He also has real homework for daycare starting Monday – a collage of the letter “A”. I guess I’ll be cutting up my Southern Living and Real Simple magazines this weekend!


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