Today I was talking with some of my younger, newly engaged and/or married, child-free friends. We were talking about kids in general and how they sometimes embarrass their parents. I immediately pointed out that, one day, they too will be embarrassed by something their kids do/say/point out to your preacher/tell your parents.

So we were discussing some of the embarrassing things that have happened to me, personally. In the last year these things have happened that were slightly embarrassing:

Brandon wore a trash bag at school.

At Target, Matthew licked the case of Dr. Pepper while I was trying to pay for our items. The cashier was kind enough to point this out. “Um, he’s licking that.”

Brandon’s school lunch account ran out of money and instead of telling us so we could send in more, he borrowed money from his guidance counselor, who felt the need to call us to find out if we were having financial problems. True story.

Matthew routinely wants to pick out his own clothes, and sometimes the combinations are not very fashionable.

So be forewarned: your kids will do something to embarrass you. It’s inevitable.


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  1. Just wait until they become teenagers! You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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