Getting on the MySpace Bandwagon

In my career field there’s a lot of pressure to network, meet people, etc. Because really, most attorneys get their jobs or clients because of someone they know. You are recommended to someone or your school recommends you or a friend gets you a job at their firm or someone you know knows someone who needs an attorney. You get the picture. So coming into St. Louis with no connections and not having gone to high school here (a cardinal sin and an immediate strike against you), I’m having to actually network, something I’m not so good at.

So at the suggestion of a friend I’ve signed up for MySpace but I am having a difficult time figuring out how it works. This is somewhat distressing for me, as I am now realizing that technology is passing me by and Brandon will be rolling his eyes as he has to program the household electronics for me. Plus I searched for my high school class and don’t remember ANYBODY. High school must have been THAT bad.

Additionally, starting out on MySpace, I don’t have any friends yet. This, too, is distressing as it seems a wee bit pitiful. I do have friends – really! They’re just not evident on MySpace.

Anyway, I’m going to do some more exploration of MySpace to see if it’s actually going to be a wise investment or just another drain of my time, like having to read news sites at least once an hour to see if I’ve missed anything important. Usually I haven’t missed any earth-shattering news, but at least I know nothing’s going on.


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