The New ‘Do

Yes – blurry picture, I know. But here’s the new hairdo. I still can’t believe it’s not frizzy. I hope to be able to repeat the results tomorrow. We’ll see about that.
Chris’s mom brought Matthew home this morning – he had a great time and didn’t have any problems with homesickness. He reported that one of her dogs jumped in the bathtub with him last night. He thought that was hilarious. I hope he doesn’t get any ideas about poor Binki. She hates going to the groomers, so I’m sure she won’t appreciate a bath from Matthew.
This week we’ll embark on another school year routine – I can’t believe that it’s here already! I keep thinking that September is so far away, but really, it’s not. This summer has just flown by and I know Christmas will be here before I know it. I am looking forward to cooler weather – I love the crisp fall mornings and evenings and the change in the leaves. I think we’re in for another hot week, though. Come on fall!

2 Responses

  1. I love the new hairdo!

  2. So do I! I’m glad to see an updated picture of you!

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