500th Post!

This is my 500th post — and I really have very little to talk about today. I had anticipated writing something meaningful or witty for the 500th post, but alas, I’m too tired and don’t foresee any literary energy in the near future.

So here’s what I did today: I went down to Cape Girardeau this morning for a case and saw the camel. (For explanation about the camel, see here and here.) I had to be there at 9 am, which meant I had to leave the house by 6:40 this morning. After 2 hours of driving and a 2.3 hour setting, I headed back to STL and ran by the office to log in some more billable hours before heading home. Kind of a boring subject for the 500th post, but then again, my life has its boring moments. (I could launch into a tirade about the judges’ interpretation of claimants understanding their rights with regard to the Second Injury Fund, but I just about made myself fall asleep typing that sentence and I’ll spare you a very boring, confusing and ultimately pointless tirade.)

I cooked dinner, did the dishes, watched Lazytown and Little Bear and put Matthew to bed. Now I’m going to go to bed myself. Maybe I’ll have a mental debate over whether pro se claimants understand their rights if they are not informed about the Second Injury Fund and whether or not it’s the Administrative Law Judge’s duty to inform them of said rights — just so I can fall asleep faster.

I’ll aim for a meaningful and witty 1000th post. Happy 500th posting!


One Response

  1. Congrats on #500. I enjoy so much seeing this part of you, which is often lost in dinner preps, kid-wrangling, bills , and other drudgeries. I LOVE you more than you know!

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