Finally Fever Free

Matthew is finally NOT running a fever. After watching Toy Story, Cars, Chicken Little and Chicken Little (again), he took a nap and woke up without a fever. Yea! Back to normal (hopefully) tomorrow.

We had quite a thunderstorm last night and I was awakened by a combination of thunder, lightning, and Binki sniffing my face and staring at me. She’s become really nervous during storms lately and has to be near us during the loud part of the storm. So I helped her up on the bed and she went right back to sleep but I laid there and listened to the thunder. She stayed there the rest of the night (of course).

Brandon is in Texas until Saturday, having a great time with his grandparents. He starts school next Wednesday, which means I need to go school supply shopping this week. Every year I have to go to several places to get everything on the list. Maybe this year I’ll get lucky and find everything in one place.

One more episode of Little Bear and I think we’ll all go to bed . . .


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  1. I am glad Matt’s feeling better. It’s hard to be so sick! Give him a hug for Aunt Leslie.

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