If You Exist

Matt’s new phrase is “If you exist.” He uses it like “If you insist.” It’s pretty cute. His birthday was really nice – he got LOTS of presents and the Spiderman cake turned out well – I’ll post pictures in a little bit. I’m still trying to figure out my camera phone. I think I can download the pictures. It’s actually a better camera than our digital one.

Matthew is sick today – running a fever, complaining of a tummy ache and his “froat is in his mouth.” I don’t quite know what that means; maybe his throat hurts. Hopefully, it’s not black throat again.

Now that we have Internet again, I’m checking up on all usual websites. I’ve discovered that our vet has been arrested for animal cruelty. Wow! It was on the local news station’s home page. Evidently, she didn’t feed and water her horses and dogs for a while. Binki says she’s really disappointed.

Now that I have internet I need to get working – I ran down to the office and grabbed some medical records to review. It’s going to be a fun evening!


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  1. Can you send me the link for the news site? I would like to see it… K

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