Birthday Countdown

Tomorrow is Matthew’s fourth birthday, and today we took cupcakes to his class at daycare. They had them for afternoon snack, and when I picked Matthew up, his teacher thanked me for the cupcakes and said, “Matthew’s been hyper all day.” Of course he’s been hyper – he’s been hyper since we picked the cupcakes up last night. He (amazingly) did not break into the cupcakes although I fully expected to get up this morning and find two or three of them missing.

I am now in the process of making a Spiderman cake for tomorrow. Basically, I’m making a sheet cake, putting white frosting on it, drawing a web in a corner with black icing and plopping a Spiderman toy right in the middle of the web. Not an overly creative effort, but a Spiderman cake nonetheless.

Tomorrow morning, we are going to the zoo bright and early to see the lions, elephants, giraffes, tigers, lions, stunks and raccoons, because that’s what Matthew wanted to do for his birthday. [Yes, I realize I typed lions twice – that’s what Matt requested for his birthday. And the stunks (skunks) but I don’t think the STL Zoo has stunks.] This time of year, my favorite exhibit is the penguin house – as long as I can stand the fishy smell. It’s soooo cold in there! And there’s a wood duck in the puffin exhibit. He swims with all the puffins; he may think he’s a puffin. I don’t know the story behind the duck in the puffin exhibit, but we look for him every time.

Matthew got his birthday present from Mimi and Papa in Florida – clothes and a really nice backpack – and he immediately put the clothes on. He’s so weird for a kid – he really likes clothes. At least he doesn’t whine and complain like Brandon does when we have to go clothes shopping.

We asked Matthew how old he was today, and he put up three fingers. We asked him how old he’ll be tomorrow, and he put up four fingers. Then he put up all five fingers and said, “Then I’ll be five and then I’ll be zero.” Zero? He ran out of fingers on his hand. We asked him if he would have to use his other hand to count and he stated, no – he’ll be zero after he’s five.


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  1. Very cute story! You know, my parents are Meme and Pa. How funny they are alike! I can’t wait to see pictures of his birthday! K

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