Never . . . Ever . . . Again

I typically go grocery shopping on the weekends so Chris can watch the boys and I can go alone – shopping is so much easier without accompaniment. But this weekend, I was lazy and wanted to shop for furniture on Saturday and take a nap on Sunday afternoon. Since my grocery list was rather small this week, I decided I’d nap Sunday afternoon (something I haven’t done in a while) and just run by the store today after I picked up the boys. And I was shooting to leave work a little early so I could do all of this.

But it didn’t work out that way. I’ve been preparing a case for one of my partners – it’s going to trial Thursday if it doesn’t settle – and we’ve just had an issue come up. So I’ve been having to do some major work on this surprise issue, which meant I didn’t leave as early as I thought I would.

I picked up the boys and headed to the store. The entire way, Brandon is leading a rousing chorus of some annoying camp song he recently learned. It has a thousand verses. Matthew is joining in as best he can. As we approach the store, I inform the boys that there will be no singing and/or chanting in the grocery store, and they reluctantly agree but try to strike a deal for a donut if they don’t sing. They are really good negotiators. Or I’m too tired to fight. Maybe they smell fear. Or maybe I wanted a donut, too. In any event, donuts were purchased.

The boys were fine in the store, other than Matthew insisting we need just about everything he could reach: syrup, jello, deodorant, a case of orange soda . . . I actually made it out of the store without purchasing any of Matthew’s suggestions.

We got home and unloaded the car, then the groceries and Brandon and I started dinner. Then I checked the mail, and evidently it’s bill day. Bummer. And now I’m tired. I think going to the store on the weekends is the better plan. I will be relaxing in the chair the rest of the evening.


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