Binki, Superhero

As you probably know, our dog Binki is as old as dirt. She’s 14 1/2 years old, which I think in dog years means she’s like a 100 years old, or close to it. She’s deaf and has breath that could peel paint, but she still retains her cute fluffiness and she is, after all, our first ‘baby’ and has been the best dog ever. We wondered whether she could see very well, as her eyes have gotten cloudy over the last few years, but this afternoon she answered that question.

She chased a rabbit. Yes, a real rabbit. And yes, real running. With all four feet. The first thing that’s amazing about that is she saw it. The second thing that’s amazing is the speed at which she took off after the rabbit. Of course, the rabbit had nothing to worry about and was gone in a flash, but Binki tried really hard to get it.

I was truly amazed and started cheering for her, “Run, Binki, run!” But I think she mistook my cheering as permission to run the neighborhood, as she then headed around the house and into the neighbor’s yard with no intention of coming back. Maybe she can hear and has just been ignoring us lately. So I had to run after her and turn her around. (She could have been still chasing the rabbit or maybe she saw her chance to make a break for it after 14 years . . .) But it was still a valiant, surprising effort. Way to go, Binki!


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