Exploring the World of Pre-Schooler Fashion

I let Matthew wear the following to daycare today:


Blue and red plaid short sleeved shirt

Black button down vest

White, blue, red and yellow striped tie

Black suede moccasins

Before you groan – he picked it out. He was adamant that he was going to wear these clothes, even though today was swim day and he should have worn his swim suit. He sat out of swim day so he could wear the jeans. He even refused to let me pack a swim suit for him just in case he changed his mind. I tried to talk him out of it, but Chris said I was “inhibiting our right-brained child.” Yeah, whatever. I just foresee some problems when he’s thirteen and wants to dye his hair purple and get a tattoo. Remember, Matthew, NEVER get a tattoo where a judge can see it. Just a few words of wisdom from your mother.


One Response

  1. Melissa, how in the world are you? I saw your blog off of Liz’s blog (off of Elizabeth Mitchell’s blog). I loved the pictures at the beach – of your parents, Leslie, Brian, your grandparents! Check our our blog: mrsaudvm@blogspot.com. E-mail if you can – would love to talk! Tell Chris hello! Kristi (Williams) Busby

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