Dental Chair Confessions, Part 2

I returned to the dentist this morning for more dental work – this time, a temporary crown way in the back of my mouth. I have a lot of dental anxiety, a super sensitive gag reflex and had quite a lot of dread this week when I thought about my dental appointment. So with much apprehension, I arrived at the dentist at 7 a.m. I’m not necessarily a morning person. Did I mention how much I hate going to the dentist? First thing in the morning?

The dental visit started out like this:

Dentist: Good morning!

Me: Yeah, I’m pretty nervous about this.

Dentist: What would make you more comfortable?

Me: (Thinking: Drugs, lots and lots of drugs. A morphine drip, perhaps?)

Dentist: What bothers you the most?

Me: Probably the drilling.

Dentist: How about some headphones and a radio?

Me: Sure. (Thinking: Drat, no drugs. All I’m getting is a walkman?)

All in all, it wasn’t too bad. During the drilling, I couldn’t hear the music, but I just tried to relax and not think about the smell of smoke coming from my mouth. So now I have a nice, shiny temporary crown and have to return in two weeks for the permanent one.

In other news, did you know the last Harry Potter book comes out in just a few hours? Wasn’t sure if I’d mentioned that before. . .


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