Only 2 More Days To Go . . .

Until the seventh, most anticipated Harry Potter novel comes out and my kids have to fend for themselves while I find out our hero’s fate. Chris and I are debating actually buying two books so that we can each have one, without having to take turns.

Fortunately for the kids, this book is not the longest one and I’m a pretty fast reader, so they shouldn’t have to eat too many PB&Js. Chris and I have actually had very lengthy conversations about how the series should end, which characters could die and whether or not Snape is inherently good or evil. I hope he redeems himself in the end, but that’s probably because Alan Rickman plays that character and I really like Alan Rickman. Especially in Sense and Sensibility. (As you can see, I’m a big nerd.)

So you’ll know what I’ll be doing this weekend . . . reading, reading, reading. And trying to avoid spoilers on the Internet. So if there aren’t too many posts over the weekend . . . blame Harry.


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