Vacation’s Over

So back to work tomorrow for us but luckily there’s a holiday right in the middle of the week, which means only 4 work days! We had a great time on vacation, and Matthew just couldn’t understand why we couldn’t stay indefinitely in the condo – after all, all our stuff was there, he said. I told him if we lived there, it wouldn’t be vacation (especially with the cost of living on the beach) so we only get to come once a year, making it special. I don’t think he bought it, though.

I tried to take pictures of the house today, but our camera is horrible and every time I snapped a picture either the flash didn’t go off, Matthew was somewhere in the picture, or both. So I tried the camera on my new Crackberry Blackberry phone. It took much better pictures than our old digital camera. However, I don’t yet have a memory card to transfer the pictures to the computer, so you’ll just have to wait longer to see the pictures.

Yesterday, Matthew, Brandon and I went shopping at Target, which is a major endeavor for us as both boys eagerly volunteer to go because of the chance we might pass by the toy department. Especially when they have money, as Brandon did. I told them I would visit the toy department with them at the end of our shopping trip, as a bribe for them to be good. Brandon pointed out that if we visited the toy department first, it would be much worse punishment if they misbehaved and had to put their toy back. Sounded good to me, so both the boys picked out a toy, and I was able to finish my shopping without all the whining and complaining I usually do to get the boys to behave. Overall, a successful trip.


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