Almost Worth Having Another Baby For

Ann Taylor Loft has maternity clothes! I saw their new ad on one of the blogs I frequent, and immediately clicked on it. For one very, very fleeting second it was almost worth having another kid just to buy Ann Taylor maternity clothes. But then I came to my senses and told myself that I can sleep through the night, not worry about spit up, and don’t have to spend half of our income on diapers and formula. Plus, I can wear regular Ann Taylor Loft clothes, so what was I thinking?

We’re back from our lovely, sand filled vacation and trying to get back into the swing of things. At least Chris is: he’s unpacked all the suitcases, sorted the dirty laundry and inventoried the fridge for a shopping list. I took a nap and decided we would have pizza and popcorn for dinner. So pretty much back to normal already.

We had a great time and this time, for the first year in three years, no animals were harmed during the trip. The first time we went down to the Emerald Coast, I hit a pigeon in Illinois. Last year, a big white heron flew right in front of our car around the Florida state line. Luckily, we hit it sideways. I’m sure it died, as we were going 65 mph. Last night, there was a possum or an albino armadillo (not sure which one as I zipped by at 74 mph but most likely a possum) on the interstate in northern Alabama. Thanks to my expert driving, he is still alive and probably finished his feast of roadkill on I-65.

My sister and her husband Steve took lots of pictures and I have about 13 zillion CDs full of pictures, which I will try to post on Flickr. We are very glad to be home and hope to have a restful weekend.


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  1. I am glad you made it home safely. We had a great time with ya’ll! We just walked in the door and the first thing I have done is exactly this. I think it will be my new addiction! Thanks for the idea!

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