Brandon, Future Businessman

Brandon has always been all about making money. That is his main motivation in life. When he was smaller, he would set up toll gates at the top of the stairs and charge people .25 to cross. When his Uncle Brent gave him $5 for a lifetime pass, Brandon pocketed the money and refused to grant the lifetime pass. He was not going to miss out on making a another quarter off Uncle Brent!

So Brandon has, from time to time, ideas to make money. Typical kid stuff – lemonade stands, selling the toys he’s outgrown instead of donating them, loaning his little brother out, etc. But the other day, he had a pretty good idea. So good, in fact, that he’s already named his product and created a logo. Chris and I are supporting him and have registered an internet domain name for his product. We’re working on the trademark stuff, too, but that will probably take a while.

The problem is getting the idea to fruition. I have little experience in creating a product, or marketing a product, or running a business. I’m just trying to teach Brandon the basics of profits/losses, loans, taxes and employees. He catches on pretty fast and asks really insightful questions like, “why do we have to pay taxes? It’s not fair!” Answer: That’s just life – taxes and unfairness.

So when (if) we launch the product, we’ll let you all know. But I wouldn’t count on a lifetime supply from Brandon.


One Response

  1. He will be glad to learn that all earned income he makes will be taxed at your income tax bracket because of the kiddie tax! He is right….it is not fair!

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