Greek Salad Summer Tour, 2007

Last summer, I tried Greek salad at every restaurant that offered it in a 3 block radius of my office. I was a Greek salad expert by mid summer. I get on these kicks where I will eat the same thing over and over for quite a while. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or tomato soup and grilled cheese. Maybe these items are my comfort food or maybe I’m just complacent. I don’t know, but I’m married to a guy who does not want to eat the same meal twice, unless it’s gumbo – then he won’t complain about leftovers. So weekly meal planning is kind of a struggle for me.

Anyway, my friends deemed me the Greek salad expert and I rated the restaurants in order of my favorites: 1. STL Bread Co. (aka Panera), 2. Wehbe’s Safari Cafe (you also got pita bread with it), 3. Edible Difference and 4. The place across the street I won’t name because the salad dressing was just too horrible – it looked like the pond water I used to scoop out in a mason jar trying to catch tadpoles as a child. Yuck.

So it’s summer again and this week I officially started my 2007 Summer Greek salad tour. So far, I have to say I’m enjoying Bread Co.’s Greek Salad with chicken. But the cost is prohibitive – $8 a day on salad is just ridiculous. So imagine my delight when I learned that I could buy Bread Co.’s Greek dressing at the local grocery store! I ran right out and bought a bottle. So tomorrow, I’m going to be trying my own Greek salad creation and saving money because I won’t be paying $8 a day for Greek salad. Yippee!


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