A Moving Experience

We moved from the old “blue house” to the new “white house” this weekend. We had scheduled the movers to be at the old house bright and early at 8 am Saturday morning. At 1 am Saturday morning, Brandon came running into our room declaring that Matthew had just thrown up on him. Indeed, he had. Poor Brandon had chosen to spend the last night in the old house sharing a bed with Matthew, because we had packed a lot of stuff up already. Matthew had chosen the last night in the old house to get a stomach bug.

So Brandon had to clean himself up, while I dealt with a crying, messy Matthew. Luckily, I had not yet packed all of the sheets, so I was able to pull together some new bed sheets and blankets. Brandon slept in my bed the rest of the night, and I slept (kind of) with Matthew. At 5 am, another episode. Luckily, I was not a victim of vomit, but had to clean it up anyway.

At that point, I decided that I would not be sleeping any more, so Matthew and I packed up a load of stuff and took a load over to the new house. The rest of the day, Matthew insisted on being held or within 2″ of me, so moving was a little bit difficult for me.

But all the furniture got moved and we finally got back on-line with phone service and cable. The Charter Cable experience was something for another post. It was horrible. Customer service is a joke. They don’t know what’s going on, and when you call their billing department, you’re actually speaking to someone in the Philippines. I’m not joking.

The house is wonderful – it’s an older home with a brand new addition that doubled its size. The new addition has mostly hardwood floors, which I’ve discovered becomes quite noisy with 2 boys and high ceilings. Must buy rugs. The master bedroom is huge, and I now have my own office/TV room. Okay, I have to share the office with Chris, but I call it mine. Chris has a media room of his own and grand plans of surround sound and new recliners dancing in his head. Maybe for Christmas. The boys have their own rooms and a playroom. We also have a guest room/bathroom, too! Basically, we have more house than we have furniture for, but I can remedy that problem easily. (I had my Pottery Barn catalogs forwarded to the new address!)

Anyway, I have more unpacking/laundry to do. Also, since today is the first day of our internet reconnection, I need to check out some of my favorite sites for updates. I’ll try to post some pictures soon; I just need to find the camera . . .


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  1. Congrats on the move! I am glad to see you got the internet up and running. When is the housewarming?

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