Bluetooth or Crazy?

I’ve come up with a new game while I’m walking to my office in downtown St. Louis. It’s “Bluetooth or Crazy?” and you have to guess whether the person seemingly talking to themselves is actually talking to themselves or using a Bluetooth device to talk on their cell phone.

For those who are unfamiliar with Bluetooth, it’s one of these devices, worn on your ear:

It receives your cell phone calls and you can talk hands free. Yesterday, I passed a guy talking and I guessed “Bluetooth.” I was wrong. He was just crazy. I know, I know . . . it’s not politically correct to call people “crazy,” and some might even question my mentioning Bluetooth users in the same sentence as crazy, but I’ve grown so tired of people talking and wondering if they were talking to me, their imaginary friend, or carrying on a conversation via Bluetooth.

While it looks pretty handy, I would be so self conscious using one of these things in public – I would be afraid someone else was playing “Bluetooth or Crazy” and would decide I’m crazy. They may not be too far off the mark, anyway.


One Response

  1. Unfortunately, I have a husband who talks on his Bluetooth in public. I have put an end to it when I am around to save me the embarassment of explaining to everyone that he is not talking to them, but on his phone. However, Stephen gave me his old Bluetooth at Christmas. It is very handy in the car, but I refuse to wear it when I am not behind the wheel because I don’t want to be labeled “crazy!”

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