Family Court

The boys had an issue tonight (well, Brandon had an issue with Matthew) so we decided to have a court hearing. I swore both the boys in and started questioning. According to Brandon, Matthew was calling him ‘sicko’ repeatedly. Matthew testified that he called him ‘monster’ and ’tissue’, which really didn’t make any sense, so we decided that Matthew continually lied under oath. I think he’s looking at 3 to 5 years. Brandon, while truthful, really had a frivolous lawsuit, so we just dismissed the whole thing and sent them to bed with stern warnings about frivolous suits and lying under oath.

Brandon’s also wanting to draw up a family rules contract and force Matthew to sign it. I told him that Matthew can’t sign a contract yet – he can’t understand it and he’s still a minor – but if he wants to draw up a contract, go ahead and we’ll consider discussing it. Oh, the joys of having a younger sibling.


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