Scary Smart Kid

Matthew is 3. Well, 3 years and almost 10 months old. Last night, he and I were packing up our DVD collection and he was handing me the DVDs and identifying each one: Dinosaurs (Jurassic Park), Harry Potter, Elmo, Toy Story, etc. you know, ones he can identify by the cover. Then we got to this DVD . . .

. . . and he said, “Chicago.” What? We haven’t watched this DVD in well over a year, and the last time was probably when he was not even around. We don’t discuss this DVD with him. In fact, I don’t ever recall talking about “Chicago” with Matthew at all. How in the world did he know this was a Chicago DVD? I have no clue – and he’s not offering any explanation other than, “That’s a Chicago DVD.”

I am absolutely floored, unless this is a well planned practical joke on Brandon’s part but I don’t think he’s that sophisticated to come up with that kind of parental psychological torture: “Is this just a fluke?” “Is my kid a genius?” “Did we mention this sometime in passing and he just picked it up?” I just have no idea how Matthew knew this was a Chicago DVD. It’s a mystery.


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  1. Is it possible Matthew might be a little like his mother?

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