I spent today in bed. The kids at school, Chris went back to work. I was alone in bed, drooling on my pillow the entire day. Sounds wonderful, right? It would be, had it not been for the chills, sore throat and my tongue feeling like I just licked the “fine” side of a cheese grater. Oh, and the electric company decided that today was a wonderful day to trim tree branches on our street and use the wood chipper RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE. WOOD CHIPPER.

I can’t really complain, actually, because I’m rather a heavy sleeper. It bothered me from time to time but today was a rather restful day and I am now feeling 55% better. Still having a sore throat. Still having cheese-grater tongue and still having strange rash on the left side of my left hand, but other than that, feeling alright. Maybe I’ll try to go in to work tomorrow and grab some work I can bring home. That way I can work in my PJs and not spread misery and bacteria around the office.

Oh – and I discovered the source of my illness: posted on Matthew’s classroom door today was a notice that someone in his class had been diagnosed with strep throat. Our own little walking contaminant. By the way, he’s fine. Next time we invade a county, I suggest we send in pre-schoolers first, break the enemy down with ear infections, colds and strep throat. Probably more effective than our current strategy in Iraq – don’t you think? Maybe it’s just the antibiotics talking.


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  1. Sorry to hear you’re sick! Hope you feel better soon! We miss you at work! Take care!!

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