Not a Stomach Bug

It’s worse. Strep throat. (Or black throat, if you’re Matthew.) I have not been this miserable in a long, long time. I used to have strep throat ALL the time as a kid, at least once a year, and I just don’t remember it being this bad. Maybe because adults tend to whine more. Or maybe because when I was a kid, I could lay in bed and let Mom wait on me, bring me books to read and green jello to eat. Now I have to make my own green jello. Where’s Chris? Oh, he’s here, and he’s sick, too. He’s brought me medications, Propel Fitness Water and Chloraseptic. Together, though, we’ve been a pretty pathetic, whiny couple.

As an adult, I still have to get up, get the kids ready, entertain them, make sure they aren’t doing anything dangerous; all while trying not to swallow. And I have a fever. This is, officially, the Worst Strep Throat Ever. We still have to do things for the kids – like feed them. Chris and I take turns doing things for the kids, judging by who’s fever is lowest or who hasn’t been physically sick lately.

I went to the doctor today and got some antibiotics, so I should be feeling better by tomorrow. I certainly hope so. The kids haven’t gotten it yet; however, I’m sure it’s just around the corner for them – Matthew will drink anything he can find around the house and I’ve caught him a couple of times trying to drink some Propel from my bottle. He just doesn’t understand the concept of contagion. Although, I highly suspect that he is a likely candidate for being the strep vector that brought this plague upon our house.


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