My New TV Crush

I don’t watch too much TV – mainly because I’m either busy around the house, surfing the Internet, or out voted on what’s on the tube. One can watch only so many shows on attack hippos and extreme insects. That’s what you get when you live with a bunch of boys who have access to the Discovery Channel.

But my new indulgence, my new addiction, if you please, is Showtime’s series The Tudors. This will not come as a surprise to my parents, as they probably still have my sixth grade term paper on Elizabeth I somewhere in the attic with all my school stuff. (Right? You kept all that stuff, right? Oh, well – after moving a couple of times in the past two years, I realize the value of throwing stuff out.) And, if I had the choice, every term paper, book report or oral presentation for the rest of my school career was something to do with Henry VIII or Elizabeth. I was quite enamored with the time period. Since having kids and law school and work, I have not done much reading or TV watching for pleasure. Other than reading Harry Potter, of course, but I was really trying to avoid studying for the bar. So my fascination with that time period has not been nurtured in many years.

But now I am addicted to this show. It’s not quite historically accurate, but the main story is there. They’ve changed some of the history to create drama, I guess, but so far, I can live with the inaccuracies. It’s also kind of racy from time to time, especially the first couple of episodes, and I’m not recommending it to you if you’re offended by that kind of stuff.

Anyway, I’ve abandoned American Idol (I missed too much of the beginning of the season and I’m not really invested in the contestants this year). I still adore House, and I’m catching up on Scrubs on DVD. That’s basically the extent of my TV watching, except for the random episode of Little Bear. Watching Little Bear with Matthew bothers me, because the whole time I’m wondering why Little Bear (who is a talking bear cub) doesn’t wear any clothes when his parents are fully dressed. See:

What’s the deal? Father Bear is so important that he is wearing clothes – why not Little Bear? Besides, isn’t Little Bear cold? Don’t his parents realize that it is a little improper for Little Bear to not have any clothes on in public? These are the questions I fixate on while watching Little Bear with Matthew. Just thought you’d like to know.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t have HBO but I caught a couple of episodes of the Tudors that were free one weekend. As a history major, I too loved English history. It always amazed me that the roots of the protestant reformation were based upon the fact the Henry VIII wanted his annullment from Catherine so he could marry Anne. There is a real historical highlight for the origin of the Church of England! It does make for racy stuff. Just think if they made a series on the Book of Judges?

  2. We have all kinds of stuff from back in the day; prom dresses, 8th grade English Best Over-all Student award, poems, first teeth. Almost anything you could think of and some things you don’t even remember.


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