Spreadin’ the Addiction (The Parenthetical Post)

My very good friend and co-worker, Missy (aka Melissa; also from Florida) recently got married (yea!) and went off on her honeymoon to exotic Cancun (I’m jealous). Missy is an avid reader, runner, soccer player, gardener, (insert other high energy hobby here). I have been recommending that she read Harry Potter for quite some time and she finally checked the first one out from the library and took it all the way to Cancun with her. She’s emailed me twice (once from Cancun) to tell me that she is now hooked on the series.

Ha! Another addicted Harry-phile! If you haven’t read the series, I highly recommend it. It’s a wonderful read – it is fast paced, keeps your attention and while I guess it’s officially a kids’ book, it’s enjoyable on an adult level as well. After reading the Potter series, I attempted to read The Notebook, (which I totally could not get through because it was not as fast paced as Harry Potter and a completely different genre, of course), and I ended up chucking the book against the wall after reading a page and a half on the color of the trees. (Sorry to those who love The Notebook, but I just couldn’t get through it.)

Anyway, if you’re looking for something exciting and addictive to read, I highly recommend the Harry Potter series! (The seventh and last book will be coming out this July – what better time to start reading?)

(And ignore all the people who are trying to get the book banned from schools because of its references to the ‘occult’ and witchcraft – that’s just ridiculous and most of those people admit to NOT reading the book to begin with, so they have no idea what they are talking about.)


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