Incident Report

I got a phone call just before lunch today from Matthew’s daycare. It was his teacher. She started out, “Now, Matthew’s alright . . .” and I my immediate thought was that he had attacked some poor classmate and I was getting the phone call to remove my hooligan child from their midst.

Instead, it was, “Matthew was running in the classroom, and I don’t know how he did it, but he just ran right into a wall.” Oh. Not unusual for my children. Running into walls: I’m not surprised. Apparently, he hit a window sill with the left side of his face, just below his eye. He’s fine, so don’t worry. He’s kind of proud of his injury. I had to sign an incident report when I picked him up and a copy will go into his file. I’m sure by the time he’s done with daycare, his file will be a couple inches thick with incident reports.


One Response

  1. Of course he’s proud – he’s a little boy. While I can’t quote the whole thing because I don’t have the book with me, there is a bit in Ken Follet’s Pillars of Earth which talks about a group of young boys, and their pride in their injuries. He finishes off by saying something like, “A boy missing a finger could be their king.” Now, hopefully, your’s will never go that far, but be sure that he will gladly show off any injury to anyone and everyone. All us boys (young or old) always have, and always will!

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