Weekend Update

Very busy weekend already — this morning I cleaned the living room carpet, and let me tell you, it was dirrrrty! We’ve been over it a couple of times and each time, the water we poured out of the machine was brown. Yuck! I just finished our room and the hallway. (Moose very kindly threw up in the hall just before I started it. At least she didn’t wait until afterwards!)

We also had lunch with my mother-in-law and her husband — they came over and took us to the Elephant Bar for lunch. Very yummy. Then we went shopping and left poor John with Brandon and Matthew while we girls shopped at Sephora and Ann Taylor. (My favorites!) A couple hours later, we met back up with the boys and John was several dollars poorer, having spent much time at the coin-operated rides for the kids and at the cookie store. It was pretty evident that Matthew had a chocolate chip cookie — he wore a lot of it on his face.

We returned home and then Matt and I went to Gordman’s and The Children’s Place. Matthew loves that store (as do I — for the prices) because he’s kind of a clothes hound. I let him pick out a shirt and tie for Easter, and he was so excited. He wanted to add saddle oxfords and pants and other shirts and shorts, so I had to check out quickly lest he insist on a whole new wardrobe. Brandon, on the other hand, would be happy in the same t-shirt/jeans combination every day. I have to remind him to change his clothes everyday and he doesn’t understand why he can’t just wear the same stuff day in and day out. This is the same kid who wore a garbage bag at school.

Then Matt and I went grocery shopping. I’ve been meaning to email the Dannon people – you know, the guys that make yogurt – because I have something I’d like them to do. I’d like for them to change the name of their liquid yogurt drink for kids, because it’s quite hard for them to say it right. Every time we approach the yogurt case, Matthew yells out, “I want DAM-in-alls!” (It’s Danimals. Like animals, with a D.) But if you’re three years old, it’s hard to get the “m’s” and “n’s” in all the right places and it sounds like you’re cussing up a storm in the dairy section. They must have some creative marketing genius on staff that can come up with a better name. At least run it by some three year olds before you go with “Danimals.”


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