Weekend Update

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Here are some tidbits:

  • We went hiking on Saturday at Taum Sauk Mountain again. Matthew completed the three mile hike all by himself. Well, not ‘alone’, but without being carried through any part of it. It was Chris’s devious plan to physically exhaust the kids so they would go to bed an hour earlier and not notice the time change. It seems to have worked perfectly on them, but backfired on us, as we were also exhausted and stayed up as late as we usually do.
  • Matthew has a new phrase, which he crafted on the hiking trip: “Come on, float jokes!” (Translation: Come on, slow pokes!)
  • Chris bought me my very own MP3 player, which I have loaded to the gills with cheesy 80’s music. And some ABBA. And some Queen. Some Maroon 5, Police, Elton John, Goo Goo Dolls . . . No wonder Brandon has weird taste in music.
  • Brandon finished vision therapy for now. He improved his focus, but not training his eyes to work together. We’ll pick it up again in the summer, when he (hopefully) has more time to work on the homework.
  • So we finished vision therapy and now start major dental work for poor Brandon. He has little, if any, enamel on his teeth due to either high fever as a infant or the antibiotics he was on at the time. We have an appointment with a pediatric dentist on Wednesday for a full dental exam/cleaning/consultation for future work. I’m going to have to take out a loan to take care of this kid — and we’re not even to braces yet.
  • The weather has been wonderful — cool at night and warm during the day — I can’t wait for Spring!

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