Powdering His Nose . . . and His Hair and the Walls . . .

This is Matthew after sneaking into the bathroom and finding some baby powder. He decided to sprinkle it everywhere. It was kind of cute the first time he did it, a little annoying the second time and downright aggravating the third time. Each time, he was very proud of himself and told us he learned from the Wiggles. Evil Wiggles.

By the way, Matthew is standing in front of the “Reptar Green” wall in Brandon’s room. It is now growing on me, and I think it will all work out with his new white furniture, bamboo door beads and psychedelic colored light bulbs his father purchased for him. Oh yeah, the lava lamp, too. We’re raising a throw-back to the 1960’s, evidently. Today Brandon asked if he could be in a band. I’m afraid we’re just a few small steps away from a VW van and a renouncing of his United States citizenship so he can miss out on the sure-to-be-coming 2015 draft for the Iraqi War or Gulf War II or The Biggest Mistake Made In the Past 10 Years or whatever they’re calling it these days. Maybe he’ll move to Canada. All the Canadians I know are really nice. I guess that will work out, too.


3 Responses

  1. Brandon and Ethan can be in the same Canadian band driving the transCanada highway in a our old green minivan and live with Ethan’s grandparents in the Sault. When Ethan describes himself to people, he is half american and half canadian. I am guessing it might not fly with the draft board though.

  2. There was nothing wrong with the 1960’s! For those of us who lived through that era, it is kind of nostalgic!

  3. Not to say that anything is wrong with the 60s — it’s just funny that he is heading down that road when his parents were raised during the Reagan era.

    He and Ethan would be a perfect pair in the green minivan — I can barely resist threatening him with the prospect of living in a VAN down by the RIVER (Chris Farley, SNL). But he has no clue why I think that’s so funny.

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