Velcro Dog

Drum roll, please . . . The new dog’s new name is . . . Baxter Murray. (‘Murray,’ of course, for the red Wiggle. ‘Baxter’ was Brandon’s choice.) We had a family conference and secret ballot (of course, I had to interpret Matthew’s vote), but in the end, there were 2 votes for Baxter, 1 vote for Murray and 1 vote for Baxter Murray. Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions both in the comments and in person!

When we started researching dogs, we spoke to a few doberman owners and visited with several dogs. Each owner used the term ‘Velcro dog’ to describe their dobermans, meaning that the dog wants not only to be in the same room with them, but physically attached, if possible.

Baxter is very much a Velcro dog. He seems to be MY Velcro dog. He wants to be anywhere I am; he whines and barks if he can’t follow me room to room through the house. He tried to bolt from both Chris and Brandon outside, but he sticks to me like . . . Velcro. Right now, he’s sleeping at my feet. In a little while, he’ll probably be sleeping on the bed. (You try to move a 75 pound dog that doesn’t want to be moved!)

Nevertheless, Brandon is still excited about Bax and enjoys playing with him. Baxter does get a little rambunctious, of course, but he is a puppy. Chris (bless him) has taken the dog on power walks the past few days in the cold. The dog whisperer would be proud!

Binki seems to be just fine with him. She went back to the vet yesterday for a re-check of her mystery boo boo and her old-dog check up. She’s just fine and recovering very well from her strange wound.

Hope you all enjoy Super Bowl weekend. I don’t keep up with sports much, but I think two football teams are playing.


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