Dog-Gone Weekend

We have a new addition to our family: a new puppy! Friday night we met with a person from the local doberman rescue and looked at a potential adoptee. He’s an adorable 8 month old, 75 pound doberman. Here he is:

He was at the rescue because his owners decided to divorce and one didn’t want him and the other couldn’t take him. He’s well taken care of and used to being around people.

I tried to get down on his level to snap the picture, but every time he ran up to the camera, so all I’d get would be a great big dog nose in the shot. He is a doberman, he just doesn’t have the cropped ears. I like the floppy ears. His name is Tucker. Or Baxter. We’re not sure what name will go best with him. He’s been known as Tucker for the past 8 months, but that doesn’t seem to fit him. I’ve called him everything from Oscar to Brandon (accidentally) to Baxter to Zip. Actually, Zip seems to fit his personality best for some weird reason.

He’s very loving and gentle with the kids and has given Binki lots of space. She doesn’t pay much attention to him. He likes to be right up next to you. He’s even slept on our bed for the past two nights, refusing to sleep on the blanket on the floor like Binki. I’ve discovered it’s hard to move a 75 pound dog if he doesn’t want to go anywhere. Proof:

He’s been spending the weekend getting used to us. He’s already housebroken (yea!) and walks very well on the leash. Brandon had asked for a puppy for Christmas because Binki was “old,” and actually, she favors me and Chris over the children. Brandon helped pick this one out, and was very excited to have his own dog.

Binki was not forgotten over the weekend, as we had to take her to the vet emergency room on Saturday. Binki is very fluffy (part collie mix, we think) and we were combing through her fur before grooming her when we found what we thought was a clump of dirt. The short of it is, it wasn’t a clump of dirt; it was a giant scab covering an infected wound. How she got it, we have no idea. Since we were brushing at it (thinking it was dirt) it started to bleed, of course, and with the obvious infection we decided to take her to the vet. She got an injection and a course of antibiotics and a very fashionable bald spot in the shape of a square on her side.

We hypothesize that the bite was probably the result of a nasty squirrel ambush while she was in the back yard one day. She probably had to fight off two or three of them, and came away with a battle scar. But then again, she’s arthritic and deaf, so I doubt any local wild animals would be threatened by her or pay any attention to her. Her reflexes aren’t near fast enough to scare any of the wildlife.

On another note, Chris went shopping on Friday for a red t-shirt for Matthew but came back with this:

We convinced Matthew that the helicopter on the shirt was cool and the jacket was red (just like Murray!) and now this is his favorite outfit. I have never met a three-year-old more concerned about his clothes. He’s actually more put together (fashion-wise) than I am most days.

Friday I wore a skirt/shirt combination to work along with hosiery and my dress boots. Matthew commented, “I like your dress. I like your socks on your knees. I like your boots.” Since I met with his approval, I may have to start asking him for fashion advice.


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  1. The puppy is adorable! I hope he joins the Estes family soon. As for Matthew and the red shirt, I have been on the lookout. If I am successful I will send one your way!

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