A Conversation in Toddler

How was my day, Mama?

How was your day, Matthew?

It was good.

What did you have for lunch?

Apples, blueberries, milk and a spoon.

What did you have for snack?


What’s smoke?

Smoke is my snack.

What kind of snack?

Smoke is my snack.

Yes, I know, but what is smoke?

Ummm . . . smoke is chicken and ranch.

Okay . . . so you had chicken and ranch?

Yes. What did you have for snack, Mama?

I didn’t eat a snack today.


I was very busy and Mama doesn’t always get a snack.

That’s so sad, Mama.


2 Responses

  1. Matthew has made me laugh…. yet again! Thanks for sharing.

    Now, as far as smoke for a snack… Mmmmm…. somebody is getting fired tomorrow because smoking is against policy, and it is my job to ensure that policy is followed! Maybe Matthew would like to be a private I for us…??

    Melissa- I am sorry that you didn’t a snack today. 😦

  2. We finally figured out what ‘smoke’ is: it’s the steam coming off his hot food. He also had smoke for dinner . . . and the car in front of us had smoke (exhaust) . . . and the house down the street had smoke (fireplace) . . . so please don’t fire anyone :)!

    I am hoping for a snack tomorrow!

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