I Guess Snow Just Isn’t That Exciting Anymore . . .

. . . to the boys, that is. We got about 3″ of snow by this morning, and the boys weren’t at all interested in getting out in it, making a snowman or having a snowball fight. I guess living up here is making snow less of a novelty to them. I, on the other hand, am really disappointed that tomorrow is not going to be a snow day (it probably would be in Florida, you know) and I’ll have to go to work as usual.

So what I’m saying is: I didn’t take any pictures of any snow adventures today, because there weren’t any. Maybe if we got more than 3″ of snow, it would generate more interest. Or if school was cancelled.

I even tried to entice the boys to play outside with the promise of after-snow s’mores, but Matthew was not impressed. I am wondering if the child has any of my genes. It’s chocolate and he’s passing it up. CHOCOLATE and MARSHMALLOWS. Dude, really. I thought a 3 year old would jump at the chance to smear chocolate and gooey marshmallows all over his face. It’s delicious and it’s fun, too! But then, Matthew has become picky about his eating habits. Today, he asked for several different items, and once he got them, only took one bite. Very frustrating. He wasted more food than he ingested today.

He wanted scrambled eggs, I made him scrambled eggs. He ate a little bit of it. I think Moose ate the rest. He wanted an apple. I peeled an apple. He took a couple bites of it and threw it in the trash. He wanted yogurt. I gave him yogurt. He ate one bite and abandoned it. (I saved the yogurt, hoping to force it on him at a later date.) He had his own plate for lunch yet he ate off my plate. We had fish for dinner. He wanted black olives. Grrrrr. Toddlers. I try to give him healthy, wholesome food, and then he eats stuff off the floor. I just don’t know what to do with the kid.


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