403rd Post

There’s just not much going on today, other than this being the 403rd post. Not that the 403rd post is a special milestone or anything; it was just surprising that I’ve posted that much. Maybe the 403rd post should be special, like an anniversary. You could have special gifts associated with the number of posts, like 403 posts can be the “new shoes post” or the “treat yourself at the the Clinique counter post.” And 1000 posts can be the “Las Vegas post.” Or something along those lines.

Anyway, the kids have colds. The weather is cold. Fortunately, no bad stormy weather in the immediate forecast. I checked up on the news back in Oklahoma and saw that they had some pretty bad ice. We were lucky in that regard. One year when we lived in Oklahoma, we had such a bad ice storm that we could not get into our vehicles — there was over 1/4″ of ice covering the cars.

I am hearing the sounds of unhappy children in the other room, so I better go referee. Happy 403rd post!


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