Momentary Panic

The boys have a toy that glows — kind of like glow sticks, you know, the eerie green fluorescent glow. Yesterday they were playing with the toy after lunch. Matthew was playing without a shirt on, because I was washing his “Murray shirt” (a red t-shirt like the red Wiggle, Murray, which Matthew wore for 4 days straight, so I finally snatched it off of him and washed it. He refused to put on another shirt).

Anyway, I was on the computer when Matthew walked up to me to ask a question, still shirtless, and with a quarter sized spot of green glowing material on his little tummy. It looked like it was glowing through the skin. Immediately, I thought, “He’s swallowed the toy and now it’s glowing through his stomach! I’m going to have to rush him to the emergency room! But which one? Children’s? Barnes? I don’t know!” I felt panicked. For a moment. It didn’t make sense. How could that glowing toy be in Matthew’s stomach, glowing ever so brightly through his skin? I took Anatomy in college, and the glowing spot was not exactly where I thought his actual stomach should be. Plus, it would have to glow through the stomach, muscle and the cute fat layer still covering his tummy.

So I grabbed Matthew and ran my finger over the glowing spot. The spot disappeared from his stomach and reappeared on my finger. I breathed a sigh of relief, then felt incredibly silly that I thought the glowing spot was coming from inside his stomach. Evidently, the toy started leaking the fluorescent material and was all over Matthew’s stomach and hands. I was not panicked over the leaking green goo, however (even though it could be toxic, I was just glad it wasn’t inside Matthew) and cleaned his stomach and hands with a wipe.

Other than that moment of panic, the weekend was rather boring. We had continual threat of ice all weekend, but it hovered just above freezing here the whole time so really all we had was rain. We fortunately did not lose power, like so many other people. The ‘freeze line’ stayed just to the west of us, so many local communities were without power – I think over 100,000 people were without power at some point during the past few days. Hope you all stayed warm!


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