Happy New Year!

Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve! Chris and I celebrated the new year and our anniversary Sunday night — the boys spent the night with Chris’s mom and we went out to the Melting Pot for our anniversary/New Year celebration. We finished the evening up with some good friends and then I slept late this morning for the first time in a very long time. It was the first night Matthew has spent away from us and he handled it alright; luckily he had his big brother there with him, so he really didn’t miss us that much. I probably worried/missed him more than he missed us.

I thought about going through a long list of resolutions and reflections on the past year, but this year I’m trying something different. I always vow to get in shape at the beginning of each year, but January is just too cold/dark/depressing, and I don’t want to exercise in January and then I end up never doing it. So I’m putting off the exercise/get in shape resolution until better weather. It just makes sense.

I am working on the organize/decorate the house resolution, and this weekend have had some fantastic decorating ideas floating through my head. Now I just need the time and follow through.

Anyway, hope you all have a very peaceful and fulfilling 2007!


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